Utility app for helping with the 20/20/20 rule for alleviating CVS induced stress.
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Help your eyes take a break


🤔 Why?

When staring for long times at computer screen our eyes can get dry and suffer form what is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

To combat and alleviate the symptoms there is the famous 20/20/20 rule that aims at reducing the stress on our eyes caused by focusing for long periods on the same distance.

This is not medical advice. Read more here and here.

💻 Installation

Head to the release page and grab the latest for your platform.

  • For macOS you can downlaod the .dmg image.
  • For Windows download the .exe.
  • For Linux either the .AppImage or .deb, you will know what fits you 😉.

🛠 Building / Development

  1. Clone the repo
  2. pnpm install
  3. pnpm dist to build for all platforms

Alternatively you can run pnpm build and the pnpm electron-builder -m for macOS, -l fir linux or -w for windows.

📦 Release

  1. Bump version in package.json
  2. Update CHANGELOG.md
  3. Create a draft release with the new version. (e.g. tag with v1.2.3).
  4. Start the publish action and the ci will build and upload assets to the draft matching the version of package.json and draft.