cryptgeon is a secure, open source note sharing service inspired by PrivNote written in rust & svelte.
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cryptgeon is an secure, open source sharing note service inspired by PrivNote


Check out the demo and see for yourself


  • view and time constrains
  • in memory, no persistence
  • in browser encryption → server cannot decrypt contents
  • obligatory dark mode support

How does it work?

each note has a 512bit generated id that is used to retrieve the note. data is stored in memory and never persisted to disk.




Docker is the easiest way. There is the official image here.

# docker-compose.yml

version: '3.7'

    image: memcached:1-alpine
    entrypoint: memcached -m 128 # Limit to 128 MB Ram, customize at free will.

    image: cupcakearmy/cryptgeon:latest
      - 80:5000


  1. Clone
  2. run npm i in the root and and client client/ folders.
  3. Run npm run dev to start development.

Running npm run dev in the root folder will start the following things

  • a memcache docker container
  • rust backend with hot reload
  • client with hot reload

You can see the app under localhost:3000.


Icons made by freepik from