cryptgeon is a secure, open source note sharing service inspired by PrivNote written in rust & svelte.
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<script context="module">
import { browser, dev } from '$app/env'
import { status } from '$lib/stores/status'
import AboutParagraph from '$lib/ui/AboutParagraph.svelte'
export const hydrate = dev
export const router = browser
export const prerender = true
<section class="content">
<i>cryptgeon</i> is a secure, open source sharing note / file service inspired by
<a href=""><i>PrivNote</i></a>.
<AboutParagraph title="how does it work?">
each note has a generated <code>id (256bit)</code> and <code>key 256(bit)</code>. The
is used to save & retrieve the note. the note is then encrypted with aes in gcm mode on the client
side with the <code>key</code> and then sent to the server. data is stored in memory and never
persisted to disk. the server never sees the encryption key and cannot decrypt the contents of
the notes even if it tried to.
<AboutParagraph title="features">
<li>server cannot decrypt contents due to client side encryption</li>
<li>view and time constraints</li>
<li>in memory, no persistence</li>
<AboutParagraph title="tech stack">
the backend is written in rust and the frontend is svelte and typescript.
<br />
you are welcomed to check & audit the
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
source code
<AboutParagraph title="attribution">
icons made by <a href="" title="Freepik">freepik</a> from
<a href="" title="Flaticon"></a>
<AboutParagraph title="version">
{#if $status}
section {
width: 100%;
ul {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
padding-left: 1rem;
list-style: square;